CSGO | 1v1 | English

    § 1. General Rules

    § 1.1 Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

    § 1.2 It is prohibited to impersonate a Staff member or other Individuals.

    §1.3 A certain maturity is needed to comprehend unwritten rules.

    § 2. Names

    § 2.1 It is forbidden to use Offensive words against individual Lifestyles or minorities.

    § 2.2 It is also prohibited to use your name as a platform to express your opinion on different Players or current Political subjects or other subjects.

    § 3. Voice- and Text chat Rules

    This Server promotes a friendly climate, so we expect that you follow some Rules two create a healthy environment.

    § 3.1 Naughty words are expected to be left out of conversations.

    § 3.2 It is essential to treat other players with respect.

    § 3.3 It is forbidden to spam the Text or Voice chat.

    § 3.4 Trash talk is moderately allowed; it is up to the Staff to decide if something was meant to hurt someone.

    § 3.5 It is not allowed to advertise other Servers.

    § 3.6 It is expected that your microphone isn't used to transmit annoying Noises.

    § 3.7 Rules that apply to the Text chat are also referred to as the Voice chat.

    § 3.8 Our Server Language is English out of fairness to other users. it is not allowed to communicate with other users in a language that is not English.

    § 4. Ingame Rules

    § 4.1 Fake "AFK" is reserved.

    § 4.2 It is highly prohibited for our Staff to use their rights to get an unfair advantage against our Users. If somehow our Staff is abusing their powers, please contact the Staff with proof and action will be taken.

    § 5.Staff Rules

    § 5.1 It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the Staff.

    § 5.2 Our Staff has the right to discipline users after our Rules and their discretion.

    § 5.3 Our Staff has justice not to provide users with information on Bans/Kicks and Mutes.

    § 5.4 One of our main Tasks as Staff is to enhance the fun; henceforth, why Lvl 3 Supporters or Higher have the power to set up a temporary game rule.

    § 6. Cheating

    Cheating is highly restricted and is followed by a permanent ban from our Server.

    What do we consider as cheating?

    We Consider it is cheating if a player uses Software ore other unfair Methods to create an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier or harder.

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